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Wheaton Family Law Attorney

Laws exist to protect those who need it most. When it comes to the family, there are countless laws in place that determine the outcomes of divorce, child custody disputes, child support concerns and other types of family law. These decisions are important and ultimately affect the lives of everyone involved.

The Law Office of Richard D. Felice has brought successful results in countless family law cases across DuPage County. We firmly believe in defending the rights of our clients and zealously argue their case. Our offices work towards minimizing time spent in the courts and protecting you from abuses, attacks and false accusations. Where other firms fail, we exceed, offering creative, time-tested solutions to complex and frightening legal issues.

Work with a professional you can trust. Work with a family lawyer who delivers you peace of mind.

About Richard Felice

I'm in your corner to help you define your goals and understand your options. Whether your situation is a new birth, a remarriage, death of a loved one, change in financial situation, a divorce, an adoption or a civil union, our services are available from all areas of our practice. I am proud to offer breadth of services and expertise to guide you through any family legal matter may encounter. My primary goal and focus has remained constant: to provide the best legal representation available to our clients.